Is it Just Me, Or….

So, one of my biggest fears, and also the most ridiculous, has to deal with spiders. Spiders are one of the scariest fucking living things…ever. Worse than Justin Bieber. They’re ugly, the have 8 legs, 8! They can be furry, they can be different colors, they can jump; there’s just endless amounts of terror. And the scariest part is that I’m sure there’s a fucking 20lb flying hairy spider somewhere in some rainforest in some part of the world that scientists haven’t even discovered yet.
But going back to my fear…
Is it just me, or does any other girl worry about spiders crawling up their vaginas at night? They crawl up there and leave their eggs and then the next thing you know, a thousand tiny baby spiders are crawling out of your vag! Oh my God. I can’t even. Plus, they apparently like warm, dark places. Or was it wet, dark places? Either way, a vagina could be a perfect nesting cave.
Sorry if you guys are either overwhelmed with the stupidity of this fear, or you’re overwhelmed that it could be possible.
That’s just what goes on inside my fucked up mind.


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