The Vagina Chronicles: Kim Kardashian

No, I’m not Kim Kardashian’s Vagina. If I was, I probably would’ve committed suicide. I’m not one to judge, and if her vagina wants to be famous…good for her. Even though that whole Kim & Ray J sex tape thing is so old, everytime I see Kim I just think….BAM! Middle eastern vagina! As I recall, it was shaved though, wasn’t it? Anyway, I wonder what her vagina has to say. Was she forced into making the tape by Kim? Did she do it to be famous? What were her motives? I mean, by the looks of it she seemed to have enjoyed herself. But, Kim and the Kardashians are such attention whores to begin with. I wonder what Kim’s vag thinks of Kim now.
Obviously she knew it wouldn’t last with Chris Humphreys or however you spell his name….Kim likes dark chocolate, and apparently so does her vagina. Which is cool. But we could’ve spotted that divorce all the way from here to wherever their divorce papers lay today. I feel bad for Kim’s little lady. Does she feel used? Did Kim use her to get in the limelight? But then again, that wouldn’t be the first questionable celebrity to do so. Plus, she’s always being outshone by Kim’s ass. What vagina wants to live in the shadow of an ass? Uh, none! Maybe within the next year or so Kim and Kanye will release something, and her vagina can feel good about itself again. Or bad. Oh well.


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