My Boyfriend

Let me tell you something about my boyfriend:
He’s a very rare form of male.
Before I met him, I didn’t think  guys like him existed, or at least for me. I didn’t think I’d ever have a relationship like the one we have. I wanted one…..but I never thought I’d get it, or be deserving of it.
All my best friends growing up were outgoing, skinny, and pretty. I was the chubby, fat, quiet shy one. Boys never liked me, and when they talked to me, it was to ask if I could see if my friend liked them. In high school, it was a little better, but the ‘relationships’ I had that lasted no longer than a month that I don’t even like to count as relationships, were not relationships. I met my boyfriend our senior year of high school. Next month, it’ll be our two year anniversary.
He can be the biggest asshole. He has an old fashioned mentality on certain things, and can be stubborn. But he’s the nicest, most caring considerate guy I’ve ever known. When he’s wrong, he’ll admit it, and apologize. We have our differences, and God knows I’m difficult to begin with. But I Love him so much, it really does hurt sometimes.
I’m glad he thinks I’m beautiful and loves my body and me even when I can’t all the time. I think I’m…not skinny enough, but he thinks I’m perfect.
He annoys but I don’t know what I’d do without him. He and I are like Night and day. Me being night because I’m cynical and not a happy person and pretty much hates having fun. He being day because he’s always happy, smiling, and very outgoing. We are eachother’s first real relationship; first everything. There’s no one else I could imagine myself with right now, nor would I want to. He can be a major dick-headed asshole. But he’s mine. And I Love him.
I’m a bitch, he’s an asshole. I’m socially awkward, he loves socializing. It’s hard for me to have fun, he has fun wherever he goes. I have depression, he’s always happy. I’m negative, he’s positive.
But he’s everything I want, and I Love him so, so, so much:)


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