The Vagina Chronicles: Parting the Red Sea or Knocking on the Back Door?

This is a public service announcement from ALL the Vaginas out there. Men who would rather do anal than have sex when a girl that’s on their period?!? This does not sound like my America. So, what, we’re Chop liver for a week? You guys want ‘the other white meat’, or in this case, dark meat? That’s ridiculous. How is it that guys would rather have the chances of getting shit on their dick than blood? NEWSFLASH!!!! Most times, the blood will stop. And if it doesn’t, so what? Go in the shower. Or have sex in the shower or bathtub for that matter. It stops in water. You know, sex while a girl is on their period is supposed to be like the best sex. You guys are acting like pussys, and that’s our job.


8 thoughts on “The Vagina Chronicles: Parting the Red Sea or Knocking on the Back Door?

  1. Its not that we want anal when you have your period, we just want anal. Your period is just a convenient excuse. Personally, I could care less if you have your period as long as I can bend you over in the shower but thats just me

      • Actually getting anal is like Christmas and your birthday rolled into one. Youre so excited its over before you know it.

        Blood is just a matter of perspective. Most men are so scared of the concept of menstruation that they would rather shit on their cock than blood. Myself, I am goin the whole way and sticking my thumb in your ass while I do you in the shower

      • That’s a good mentality to have. I’m sure girls Love that lol.
        I don’t blame guys for being weirded out or scared. But I think they should try it at least twice. The first time will always feel weird, so you should do it again.
        Anal is something I don’t really care for or find pleasuring at all but I’ll do it for my boyfriend once and a while.

  2. Anal is good but period sex can be great! I cum so much harder when I am on mine. There is something hormonal I guess, but that week I am horny and ready! Man up, boys!!

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