The Vagina Chronicles: Chia Pet Vs. Hairless Cat

This is the story of Kate Moran’s vagina (All of these characters are fictional) I overheard her talking about getting a Brazilian Wax for the first time! Oh my god. I’m terrified! I’m gunna be naked! She’s never taken everything off before! I wonder if she’s dating someone new….hm. Her last boyfriend was nice; I liked him. She never went full bush; she just kept it simple and clean. I guess I’m grateful that she wants to take care of me so badly. But, really? Everything off!? I’m so nervous! But I have to think….would I rather be a Chia pet or a hairless cat? A hairless cat would seem more fitting, since a cat is also called a pussy I never liked that word, though. It sounds degrading to me. One of her ex boyfriends, I think his name was Jason if I remember correctly, all he did was call me that! I hated it! It’s like…No. I am a vagina. Not a pussy. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. If she does decide to forgo a Brazilian….wish me luck. Love, Kate’s vagina (NOT PUSSY)


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