Zombie Apocalypse

I am a lover of all things zombies. I’m a lover of all things macabre and gory though, as well. I was watching something on the Discovery Planet about The Zombie Apocalypse and it profiled people who are ‘prep-ers’ for the apocalypse. Now, as I stated, I love zombies. However, if there was to be a zombie apocalypse, I’m not gunna lie, I’d be terrified out of my mind. Anyway, on this special, of course they referred to the ‘Miami Zombie’ and the whole bath salts ordeal. Everyone freaked out because they were convinced that these bath salts turned this man into a real live, or in their case, dead zombie. Now, if you’re like me, you find an interest in cannibalism. NO I AM NOT A CANIBAL! I’m too much of a picky eater as it is…I barely eat meat…mostly like chicken fingers or hot dogs, if those even count. So I could never imagine eating human flesh. But cannibalism does interest me. Jeffery Dahmer, Silence of the Lambs, all those topics I’m interested in. Anyway, back to the Miami Zombie. What people fail to realize is that there are cannibals. They don’t necessarily have to be outside our country, and they don’t necessarily have to be evil. Cannibalism is common within certain tribes in different countries. C’mon. He was not a zombie. He was a guy, high on bath salts, which apparently made him go crazy. Maybe he was a cannibal before the bath salts. Did anyone think of that? Maybe he was just hungry. I’m by no means justifying what that man did. I’m not sure if we really will encounter a Zombie apocalypse. Some scientists think it’s possible, others think it’s BS. But I don’t think that man was a zombie. Obviously that drug triggered something in the brain and made him do what he did. If ‘officials’ truly believe that bath salts can cause people to become zombies, then they should somehow ban them and or revoke the things used to make them somehow. I know; that’s probably impossible. But these are just my thoughts. I know that whole situation is like a year old, but this episode just made me think about it. But to those of you who are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, good for you. There’s no sense in people laughing or making fun of the people who stock up on food or have elaborate plans for the epidemic. They’re the ones who’ll be laughing when we all get our flesh eaten. Props to you guys.


One thought on “Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Throughout that movie, they’re traveling from place to place, but is that really safe. In fact the term zombie came from the region and refers to persons who have undergone such a mind altering experience. Who even knows if it will happen.

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