I went to hell for fun last night

I went to hell for fun last night,
and what I saw I can’t forget.

Thousands of tortured souls unite, as they all burned in my head.

I told them I was sorry;
I told them don’t forget

There’s good in everybody,
but sometimes we let it slip.

Hell was not a place of harmony, nor was it red

Instead souls crowded me,
while others just played dead.

There was a demon there,
whose name remains unspoken.

He lead me to a lair,
And said I was a token.

What I saw then, I can’t remember.
All I heard were the words he spoke.

And hell became like a cold December
While the air aound me made me choke.

The demon brought me to Satan’s lair –
So he could steal my soul.

There was no point in feeling despair
Because my soul was already sold.


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