Big Boobs

I feel like I am the only girl in the world who’s boobs got bigger and doesn’t like it. It’s like they’re taking on a life of their own!!! I don’t want to go to Victoria’s Secret because I’m in denial. I wear a 36C but it’s clear by the way my tits spill out of my bra that I’m a D. I don’t want to be a D. I was a 38D when I was 180lbs in 8th grade. I never want to be 180lbs again. Knock one wood. Of course my boyfriend loves it. He thinks the bigger the better especially since his celebrity crush is Christina Hendricks. I already have the red hair, so big boobs would do the trick. The worst is when you’re eating and crumbs fall down your shirt. Sometimes you don’t even know that they’re there until you take your bra off hours later. I’m grateful for my boobs, I really am. But I wish they were a tad smaller. But, if you got ’em, flaunt ’em


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