Waxes of Brazil

This doesn’t even have to be fictional. I know firsthand how a Brazilian Wax feels….and it is not pleasant. I’m gunna go on a little rant here…it’s unfair. Having a vagina is sometimes unfair. Like, what the hell. Vaginas have to go through hell and back just to look ‘cute’. Let me tell you something. Waxing effing hurts. Yes, it’s nicer and smoother and overall better, but it hurts! And it can be expensive. Shaving on the other hand is much cheaper, however, is worse than waxing…looks wise. Either one can cause in-grown hair but shaving gives you razor burn and…if you have a vagina like mine…makes it look ugly. We can’t win! My poor vagina. I call it ugly and fat all the time. I’m sure vaginas have feelings, too! My mom always tells me that we have hair there for a reason. C’mon, mom. It’s 2013. Guys don’t want a furbie, they want a hairless cat. I don’t blame them. Vaginas are not that cute as it is. It just sucks being a girl sometimes; it makes me wish I had a penis for a day.


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