The Truth About Vaginas (and other fictional sex stories)

I’m thinking about writing some short stories about sex. They will be fictional, but I’m almost certain that some girl has experienced  something heinous like these situations in her life. Personally, I don’t have much experience about sex, because my boyfriend and I have only been with each other, which, I’m very thankful for:)
However, I was talking to my friend Kevin one day about this book he was reading called “White Girl Problems” which I have YET to read, but will definitely be doing so this summer. Anyway, he told me a part where the narrator said her vagina looked like it had down syndrome. LIKE, OMG! How amazing is that?!? Like, I totally feel the same way about my vagina. How many other girls out there feel that, too? Anyway, it was just an idea. Don’t really know what to do about it, but figured I’d write out some stories here before I started to write them and make it ‘official’ in my documents.
Write you later.


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