For Nick

You know, it’s cold here in Wisconsin.
I’m alone tonight again.
I dreamt that you were watching-
You were watching me again.
I had a dream we were together,
When I was back at home.
I woke up and saw the darkness,
For the light; it never shows.
I felt your presence in my bed
And your warmth in it, too.
I find you roaming in my head
For I always think of you.
You know, it’s lonely in Wisconsin
I have yet to feel warm
The warmth that I embodied
Is away from me, at home.
It’s dark in this room,
For you were my light
It’s dark here in Wisconsin
But my Love for you burns bright.
These blankets are no match
no match compared to you
Your Love is like no other
And knowing that, should get me  through


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