The Wonderful Wizard Of-NOT

Being in Lake Geneva, WI, I’m spending time with my loving cousin, Emily. She’s gunna be sixteen years old. Unfortunately, I have agreed to go see the movie “Oz The Great and Powerful” with her…in 3D. At least if I have to be bored, I can be bored by wearing geeky, uncomfortable 3D glasses, RIGHT?!!!? NOT. James Franco and Mila Kunis are both attractive, good actors. However, I feel that they should stick to comedies that are rated R. Not kids’ movies rated PG or PG-13.

Emily just insisted on showing me the trailer saying that it looks scary…need I remind you…SHE’S 15! Lol.

It doesn’t look TOO bad…I guess.

As long as I have popcorn and other essential needs for the movies…then I should be fine.


Write you later.



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