Cannibal Girl

Blood stained teeth with blood shot eyes
She comes around, just for the guys.
A man eater, is what they say
But a cannibal she soon will claim.
Break their heart then eat it, too.
I hear their liver is fun to chew.
Brush your teeth with their blood;
Who knew a meal was so much fun?
Guy, after guy, after guy, she eats.
Bite, after bite, after bite ‘till they bleed.
Beg for mercy, they soon will do.
But she just makes them into stew.
Gauge out their eye ball, and chomp it to bits.
Without hesitation she goes for the kiss.
Blinded by love, they cannot see
The cannibal girl she has set out to be.
Let this be a warning, to all of you guys
The ones who cheat; the ones who lie.                         
For this kind of girl, is a force to be reckoned with,
You’ve made your bloody bed; now go lie in it.


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