My Purpose

So, this blog was originally supposed to be for my writing and to share with the world my questionable ‘talents’, if you could even call it that. But with blogging, I’m already finding it hard to not treat it like a diary. I mean, I guess I could occasionally post some of my writing, that is if you guys are even reading this, or would be drunk enough to enjoy it. But, since I’m still indecisive about the genre I want to pursue, I guess a good way to start would be by writing about myself, my occurrences and overall life. I mean, I could write about what I’m decent at, which is being a cynical white girl with a warped sense of humor and a disturbed mind. But, if anyone is actually reading this, and you’re sober AND still find me funny, then thank you, because that’s like the best compliment.

Write you later.



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