I Lost My Virginity

This is my first blog. I know….I’m a little ‘late in the game’ with the world wide web and all its wonders. So, I want and aspire to be a writer; a great creative novelist. Not a published author working at a Starbucks wishing their first and only  book were a success so then they wouldn’t have to be standing all day making bitchy peoples’ coffee non-fat. Everyone’s always telling me that I should do something to ‘put my foot in the door’ or whatever. They’re right. Unfortunately the liberal arts industry is not what it used to be, and being a well-known writer isn’t as easy as it used to be. The industry is flailing in a sense. But no matter how hard it is to be a writer, how unconventional a career choice, or how stupid I may seem, I truly believe that my mind is too fucked up to not share with the world.


8 thoughts on “I Lost My Virginity

  1. i don’t think becoming a successful anything was ever easy. You definitely have the talent. I’ve read every single one of your blog entries and had to stop myself from commenting on everyone. Ignore those fucking Yahoo articles about useless majors and dying industries. Those are written by mindless mass media fucks paid to promote the message of the Man. This world needs more creative writers. Writers willing to write the truth and how our world really works. Writers who aren’t afraid to offend. The Vagina Chronicles are the perfect balance of blatant honesty and comedy that keeps readers engaged. I truly hope you keep writing.

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